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Greenval Technologies’ applied technology for the valorisation of ELTs shredded into chips produces per tonne:

430 kg of Tyre Pyrolytic Oil
410 kg of recovered Carbon Black
160 kg of Process Gas
100% recycled material

Greenval Oil ®

Obtained as a product of process gas condensation.

Tyre pyrolytic oil is a mixture of compounds with medium or even high molecular weights.

It can be commercialised as a raw material to produce new industrial products such as recovered carbon black (rCB), solvents or recycled diluents.

100% recycled material obtained from the pyrolysis valorisation of rubber waste from ELTs.

Greenval tyre pyrolytic oil is ISCC EU and ISCC PLUS certified.
100% recycled material

Greenval Carbon Black®

Developed by Greenval Technologies, to substitute ASTM N660, N772 and N550 carbon blacks for certain applications, making a total or partial substitution in the mixture according to the requirements of the mixture.

100% recycled material obtained from the pyrolysis of rubber waste from ELTs.

Greenval recovered Carbon Black is ISCC PLUS certified.